AWS CodeStar Credit Challenge

AWS is running a CodeStar Credit Challenge for $50 in AWS credit. The rules are simple.

  • Build an app using CodeStar.
  • Tweet about it.
  • Register to receive your $50 credit.

Serverless Python Web Service using AWS CodeStar

Earlier I had built a serverless selection sort web service using Lambda and API Gateway. I decided to do this again using CodeStar and the process couldn’t have been simpler. CodeStar has several templates to get one started and one is a Python web service using Lambda.

API Gateway and Lambda to run Python Selection Sort

This was enough to get the $50 CodeStar credit, but I thought I would take this a bit further.

Serverless Node.js Web App using AWS CodeStar

I noticed another CodeStar template to create a serverless Node.js web app. This is a pretty cool template, because it automagically creates an API Gateway endpoint to serve up the web application and an S3 bucket to serve up the website assets.

Again, this is enough for the $50 CodeStar credit. In fact, the homepage of the Node.js app says congratulations and has a tweet button to announce you successfully created an app using CodeStar.

Still, I wanted to take this a bit further by combining the 2 application into a useful product.

Serverless Vue.js App

I modified the web app to use Vue.js, which accepts a list of unsorted numbers, calls the selection sort web service, and displays the sorted results to the user.

The architecture looks as follows. I used my original Sort API, because the students I tutor in Python and Java are using it to learn more about AWS, etc.

API Gateway and Lambda to run Python Selection Sort

The Vue.js client accepts a list of unsorted numbers and returns a list of sorted numbers.

Serverless Vue.js Web App using AWS API Gateway and Lambda

I enjoyed the AWS CodeStar challenge and should have my $50 in AWS credit in the next couple of weeks :)