Cloud9 Code Editor for AWS Lambda Functions

The new Cloud9 IDE was announced at AWS re:Invent 2017. In addition to Cloud9 being offered as part of Amazon’s Developer Tools, we can also use Cloud9 for editing serverless lambda functions using the AWS Console.

Now when you upload a multi-file deployment package with dependencies to AWS Lambda, you will see all the files and dependencies in the Cloud9 IDE.

Cloud9 also allows you to create, rename, and delete files and folders, switch between different IDE themes, create multiple panes and drag-and-drop files among panes, etc.

Cloud9 IDE Integrated into AWS Serverless Lambda Functions

I also really enjoy the new configuration section in the re-designed AWS Lambda Console concerning triggers and resources. For example, I have a serverless Lambda Function, called FetchIotButtonClicks, that is triggered by API Gateway and retrieves data in DynamoDB. This is really obvious now because you see a nice visual of the triggers and resources for the Lambda Function in the console.

AWS Lambda Function Triggers and Resources Visuals

There are numerous other announcements at re:Invent 2017 about Lambda concurrency, memory, auditing, and debugging that are worth investigating, too!